Caskwerks & Capone

2-8 Players
60 Minutes
7 E Palo Verde St #9, Gilbert, AZ 85296

The year is 1928, the height of prohibition, and you…are the right-hand man of the greatest bootlegger the world has ever known…Al Capone.

The authorities are getting dangerously close to uncovering your whereabouts and distribution locations so…Capone has gone into hiding.  You’ve been tasked with continuing operations from your underground speakeasy hideout while he lays low.

Now you need to shore up your operations, gather all the intel from the agent you have on the inside, and escape to another hideout before time runs out.

Recommended ages: 10 and up

*****Please keep in mind that unless you purchase the separate private room option your group may be joined by other parties if all spaces are not full******